My obsession is with surface and colour. I use colour and its inherent expressive energy to narrate the essence of a place and harness the abstract qualities of a landscape. I simplify what I see into graduations of hue to translate these experiences. 

I’ve been based in Bristol for the past ten years, working out of my beloved garden shed and selling in galleries and contemporary craft fairs on a national level. I’ve been fortunate to win the ‘Best Ceramics’ award at the Contemporary Craft Fair in Bovey Tracey and I’ve shown at the Crafts Council Origin show in London as well as the Art in Clay events. 

In terms of my process, I use slabs of earthenware clay as a canvas to which I apply layers of engobes to create the surfaces. I build layers of colour which is applied using painterly and printmaking techniques. I adhere to simple, cylindrical forms in order to serve as a dimensional canvas. This has been at the core of my practice since I began - it’s the only element of what I do that remains unchanged. 

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